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Buy JUUL kits wholesale at lowest price. We carry all different kinds of JUUL kits including JUUL device kits and JUUL starter kits. Smokers who are looking for complete set then we recommend JUUL starter kit that comes with device kit plus pods. If you decide to order only device then we recommend you to purchase JUUL device kit.



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Minimum quantity for "JUUL Device Kit (Device & Charger) - Silver" is 1.

JUUL Device Kit on Sale JUUL Device Kit, so called JUUL basic kit is the perfect starter kit for smokers who wants to smoke specific flavors. This JUUL...

Minimum quantity for "JUUL Device Kit (Device & Charger) - Slate" is 1.

JUUL Starter Kit on Sale JUUL Starter kit contains everything that you need to switch your e-cigarettes brand. This starter kit comes with JUUL device,...
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Minimum quantity for "JUUL Starter Kit (2 Pods, Device & Charger)" is 1.