I love Smoke Bunny! The price, delivery, and packaging are outstanding. Highly recommended.
Very happy with your service!!
I am very happy with the product and service
Very pleased with their services
Very good service and price! delivered with in one day. Packaged very well!
Package got here in one day and was very well packaged to make sure of breakage. Prices are awesome and extremely profitable for small business. I am very pleased and notice now inventory the other day. I can't wait to make my next purchase from smokebunny.
Smoke Bunny has always delivered and there product is great. I have bought from Smoke Bunny many times over with no problems. Its the only place I buy from.
I just recently received my second order and am totally pleased with the product and service.
I will continue to use smoke bunny for my supplier. Thank you smoke bunny
I LOVE me some Smoke Bunny. Recently, I put in a order for some Ejuice and they were one short of what I ordered. I got a LIVE phonecall from Smoke Bunny to see if it was OK to substitute another item. A LIVE PHONECALL! Obviously, excellent service, prices ans speedy delivery.
Excellent response time, delivery time and issue resolvement if needed.
Great company.
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