21st Century Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review, Discounts

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21st Century Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

How do 21st Century Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Work?

21st Century Smoke electronic Cigarettes are flame less, tar-free and smoke free that can give you same smoking pleasure as regular cigarette. You can satisfy your nicotine craving simply by smoking this smokeless cigarette. 21st century e-cig vapors consist water and nicotine without any kind of tobacco burning. As we all know, e-cigarettes are allowed to smoke at places where traditional tobacco smoking is prohibited. These little devices contains small lithium battery, an atomizer, a cartridge and a microchip for functional operation. These components and appearance makes 21st century electronic cigarette exactly same as traditional cigarette.

21st century smoke electronic cigarette cartridges contains gel like material that produces vapors upon inhale. When you draw the electronic cigarette, LED light will light up at the tip of the electronic cigarette. That's confirmation of the proper functional 21st electronic e cig. Whenever smoker inhales/draw air through the electronic cigarette, air heats up the atomizer and produces vapors from the cartridge gel. This vapor is odorless and at the same time gives you real smoking experience of traditional cigarette. LED light of the cigarette will blink if rechargeable e-cig needs battery recharge.

The 21st Century Smoke e-cigarettes have two kinds: 21st Century Smoke disposable electronic cigarettes and 21st Century Smoke rechargeable kit. Disposable electronic cigarettes are for temporary use, you can not recharge them. You cannot reuse them or replace cartridges once it is drawn empty.

As a whole, smokers can get same smoking experience as traditional cigarette because cartridges are made using 100% pure nicotine from tobacco plants, flavors and water. Flavors are made using vegetable glycerin base and propylene glycol.

Where to buy 21st Century Smoke electronic cigarettes? These days you can either buy 21st century e-cigarettes at any gas stations in neighborhood or convenience store. You might want to ask your local gas station or c-store owner to carry them if they don't have it. For those who cannot convince store owners to carry 21st Century electronic cigarettes then check out our online discounted price on 21st Century electronic cigarettes and refillable 21st century cartridges at VK Wholesale. We carry following at this moment

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Why 21st Century Smoke Electronic cigarettes: There are many benefits of 21st Century electronic cigarettes that you must know and cannot be ignored.

  • Smoke-less
  • No Second hand smoke
  • No bad breath problem
  • No flame or burning
  • Same nicotine satisfaction as traditional cigarette
  • You can smoke at smoking prohibited places
  • Very easy to use
  • Very low cost compared to pack of cigarette.

You can smoke Anywhere in Public Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, these 21st century smoke electronic cigarettes are smoke free. Considering the benefit of smoke-free and tar-free feature, these electronic cigarettes can be smoked almost anywhere. It is always advisable to check the local laws of the city/country/state before smoking 21st century electronic cigarette in public. As we all know, laws are different in each states of United States of America. If you are planning to attend public event and thinking of carrying your 21st century smoke electronic cigarette then I recommend you to check with the event organizer or event venue about smoking e-cigarette policy.

21st Century Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Are Smoke-Free Cigarettes These electronic cigarettes produces water vapors instead of smoke. As they do not produces smoke, you will never have bad breath or residual order problem on your clothes, car or house. You will save your friends and family from passive smoking compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

21st Century Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Are Non-Flammable One of the best advantage of electronic cigarettes is the non-flammable feature. You can now smoke it at home or office or anywhere without worrying about fire. In USA survey revealed that traditional smoking-related fires are responsible in fire deaths.

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21st Century Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Do Not Require a Lighter These electronics cigarettes do not require a lighter. So overall you will end up saving money by avoiding lighter purchase. Not only that but also family with young children can avoid the fire accidents due to lighters in house. We were kids once too and we know how curious we were when it comes to playing and learning new things around the house. 21st century electronics cigarettes avoids the danger of any unwanted accidents.

Price Comparison and Savings: 21st Century Smoke Electronic Cigarettes are more budget friendly compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Following table will help you understand your savings with 21st century electronic cigarettes.

Following will give you idea about savings that one pack a day (PAD) smoker can get with 21st century smoke electronic cigarettes:

Traditional Tobacco Cigarette: 1 Pk x $6 per pack x 365 days = $2190

As we know 1 Refill Cartridge is equivalent to 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes. 21st Century smoke electronic cigarettes: 1 Kit ($18) + 60 packs of 3 Refill Cartridges (60 x 8 = $480) for 365 days + 2 Rechargeable batteries ($59) = $557 Approximate cost

Approximately $1633 savings - This savings is based on consideration that one traditional tobacco cigarette can have 15 puffs. Puffs for 21st century e-cigarette smokers may very user to user depending on draw length.

Overall, 21st century smoke electronic cigarettes are affordable and safe way to have the smoking experience same as traditional tobacco cigarettes. Buy 21st century smoke electronic cigarettes to save money now.

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